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At Zephyr Earbuds, our main mission is to deliver the solutions to problems you didn't know could be solved. We specialise in fully Third-Party Lab Tested products which have 1 purpose in mind, making your life easier, better, and healthier. With our never-done-before tech products you'll truly be delighted with the experience of change they will all bring to your life. That is our promise.

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I think the Zephyr Bot is essential in these uncertain times. I manually use this to run over our shoe bottoms. I work in surgical services and do not want germs coming home with me. That’s something I do not want to share with my family. From anywhere. Even a trip to the grocery store

Mason Leonards

These Zephyr Buds are literally fantastic. I am a professional musician by trade and these have incredibly clear sound quality, really high end parts put into this product.
The connection is fast and easy, it charges while in the case which is a great feature but better than all these features I love the ability to wear them in the shower and jam to tunes while they get soaked and survive it like a champ.

Lauren Zhang

During Covid, this little Zephyr Bot is my best friend. Works independently on the beds and Impressive when it travels under the covers and even squishes under a pillow. Bought another one for my Mom because she had to travel and this way she was able to sanitize her hotel room.

Marissa Jackson